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Hello my name is Eugene Narciso and I’m the co-founder of Clever Kids University. I’m excited to show you how you can ensure reading success for your child with a step-by step program. As a busy father of four I didn’t want to leave my children’s reading success up to chance. I created Clever Kids University, “I Can Read” to both have fun with my kids and to provide parents like me with an easy and proven reading formula they could use with their children.

Clever Kids University “I Can Read” is organized so that you know exactly what to do every day. Best of all your children will read their first book in just four days. Let’s take a look.

Clever Kids University “I Can Read” is organized into 26 weeks of daily lessons with over six hundred and fifty engaging activities. By playing fun games on days 1 through 3, we prepare your child to read a new book by day 4 of each week. Mega math decoder books and songs introduce fun and memorable characters to help your child hear and pronounce the 44 English sounds.

Your child will learn to decode words through multi-sensory games where they see, hear, manipulate, and blend sound. Your child will immediately apply phonics skills by recording themselves independently reading funny books about Sam and his friend. Your child will draw pictures and write about the books they are reading. They can even create publish and email their own variation of books.

Unlike any other reading program, your child will read along to high interests science books each week to develop background knowledge, comprehension, and vocabulary. Your child will develop confidence as they celebrate success with flashcards, certificates, coins, and stars. Best of all you can print a library of books that your child can read independently. At the end of the 26 weeks you can be confident that your child is on the path to becoming a reading champion. This will pave the way for your children’s success. In school and in life.