Family Friday – Get Out The Clothes

change of seasons

For this week’s Family Friday, we will do a sorting game. In Get Out the Clothes, children will learn all about the seasons and what clothes you should wear each season. Children will then practice their sorting skills by placing the correct clothes and activities with the appropriate season. Read our step-by-step guide on how you can play this interactive activity with your child at home!

What you need:

  • Pre-made template
  • Pre-made flashcards
  • Scissors

Step 1

Open up your Footsteps2Brilliance App, and go to Level 1 (Red). In your library, find the Academic Language Program for Students (ALPS) book series. Find the book Get Out the Clothes. Read the book with your child. Be sure to touch the illustrations to see the pictures come alive!

Step 2

Print out the template and flashcards here. Cut the flashcards, but do not cut the template.

Step 3

Have your child find and identify the seasons and place them on the template.

Step 4

Place the remaining flashcards in a bag. Have your child choose a card and identify whether it is clothes or an activity. Then have them choose which season it belongs to. Place the flashcard on the template.

Repeat until the template is complete!

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