At Clever Kids University, we empower parents by giving them the tools to help their children become strong readers and writers.

Our eLearning System fosters a love of learning, critical thinking, and creativity in even the youngest children.

Kids LOVE us!

We make learning fun and engaging for parents and kids.


We are much more than an eBook. We are a complete eLearning System


We have proven results from thousands of kids in today's most innovative school districts.

Our Team

Our team consists of cutting edge technologists, early learning experts, psychometricians, PhDs in curriculum development, gaming specialists, children’s authors, teachers, and kids!

Ilene Rosenthal

CEO and Founder
Footsteps2Brilliance, Inc.

Eugene Narciso

COO and Founder
Footsteps2Brilliance, Inc

Clever Kids University® is the family edition of Footsteps2Brilliance®, the premiere early learning curriculum used by the most innovative school districts throughout the United States. Clever Kids’ game-based methodology makes learning fun and engaging for children and their parents.

Please share the joy of Clever Kids University with your children and be sure to talk and laugh with them about what they are seeing and doing. The conversations you have with your children about the stories and animations they discover in our programs will inspire them to love learning. They will become creative and vibrant thinkers poised to succeed in school and in life