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Clever Kids University Pre Reader

Hello, my name is Ilene Rosenthal and I’m the founder of Clever Kids University. I am excited to tell you about how this app can help you prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond. As a busy parent and educator, I was always concerned that I was giving my children the best education possible. When one of my children struggled to read, I dug into the research to help her. I created Clever Kids University so that you have an easy solution to get your child to the head of the class before they struggle. All you have to do is have fun playing the games, singing the songs, and reading the books. Let’s take a look.

Clever Kids University is organized into 26 weeks of daily lessons with over 500 fun and engaging activities. You can give your child everything they need to succeed in just 10 to 15 minutes a day.

Your child starts each day by singing a nursery rhyme with you. Nursery rhymes build the foundation for successful readers. Your child can even learn Spanish with our English Spanish toggle switch.

Math, puzzles, and games offer a fun way for your child to learn numbers, counting, shapes, and more. Easy to read science books develop your child’s vocabulary and knowledge.

Unlike any other app, Clever Kids University supports you as your child’s first and most important teacher. Some games even encourage your child to explain their thinking to you. And finally, each week we give you two learning games to play with your child off the screen. At the end of the twenty-sixth week, your child will be more than ready for kindergarten, and in fact they will be ready to read with Clever Kids University.